Surprising Facts About Adolf Hitler:



Nothing positive he ever did in his life can ever count for anything considering the millions of innocent dead people. Shocking, I know.

and here are a few of those “positive” things he did debunked

I’m not formed by things that are of myself alone.

"My best day had to be the day after I wrapped Guardians of the Galaxy. I was very homesick and coming home to my wife, and my home, and to my son, who was at the time 13 months old. My wife told me there’s a chance he won’t recognize you—but that’s okay that happens all the time. He doesn’t know, he might be a little shy…"

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Angela Bassett | 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards


Angela Bassett | 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

"Miranda, Doug’s dead. You killed him." Gothika, 2003

Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

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oh darlin, I was blind to let you go
let you go, baby

but now since I see you in his arms
I want you back

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Carefree Black Girl: The Life And Death Of Karyn Washington


In the preceding days, a grid of photos of a young black woman rippled across the web. The woman, wearing a black tank top, smiled in various poses on a white background. Her hair was piled high atop her head in a mass of braids and everything about her seemed to glow. Her name was Karyn Washington. She was stunning, she was slim, and, at 22, she had just committed suicide.”

theultraintrovert asked: I've only known of you for a short time and I was so happy to find your space on FB, i dont know much of your situation/or relationship with ms ramsey, but i hope u get what u deserve, you're a really good person. I think its really wrong for someone not to pay homage to the person that helped them out. She's really wrong for that.




She’s straight up jacking my entire style. 

This video she put up about Stop Talking About Race? 

EVERYBODY who’s been following me from the jump knows that she was part of my facebook community for two fucking years. 

EVERYBODY can see she’s straight up jacking MY voice.

They DON’T know that I was advising her when she was up for her own show from Oxygen, and that every word that came out of her mouth on Al-Jazeera was from our conversation the day prior. 

I didn’t know that I should have been getting paid for that work. 

I just saw a Black woman on Anderson Cooper looking lost and stupid, and I said ‘Damn, I used to BE her. I can’t let her go out like that, especially when They are coming for her to give her opportunities the rest of us won’t get because of respectability politics. She needs to be informed.”

So I took her under my wing and taught her EVERYTHING she’s currently talking about race. 

It was the absolute stupidest thing I’ve EVER done in my life.

Franchesca was with her white man for 10 years without a wedding, and she was with him for 10 years WITHOUT TALKING TO HIM ABOUT RACE.

She didn’t talk to him about race til EYE showed up and TOLD HER TO DO IT.

As far as taking Fran under my wing and teaching her, my own fucking SISTER told me “Nobody told you to do that,” so I guess that excuses Franchesca using me, a Black woman, as a source she can pull from without giving ANYTHING back.

The li’l sketch of the doctor informing the patient of cancer in her Stop Talking About Race video? 

Came from one of my comments in my community.

Most people DON’T know that she betrayed me with a white cunt named Katy who continues to stalk me, taking my photos and putting fake shit up about me on scorned ex sites with my real life business name.

But the lack of callout of Franchesca’s behavior from a community I lovingly nurtured and built and gave REAL tools to fight white supremacy,

A community that claims to love me so much

Is interesting.

Then again, these are the same people who, when I had only 600-some-odd followers, couldn’t find $2 each to help me meet a goal I had, 

But wanna write papers off MY shit DAILY, 

And be in my inbox getting my help—FOR FREE—with real life, life & death crises.

Like, think about that for a sec. 

People wanna cite me in their work for their academic grades, 

And get FREE counseling for their personal shit (when I can’t get ANY reciprocity cause they just ain’t strong enough)

But can’t even leave a bitch a love offering of $5.

"My community" clearly don’t give a fuck about me. 

Franchesca NEVER gave a fuck about me. 

My own gat damn SISTER wants to remain a fan of Franchesca, thinks I should be quiet about this cause ‘nobody told (me) to do that’, and doesn’t give a fuck about me. 

The white bitch, Katy, acted like she was my friend and made a BIG show of flying across the country to surprise me for my birthday when I was in New York on business, 

But SHE was helping Franchesca copy my style, gaslighting me and lying to me the whole time, so SHE never gave a fuck about me. 

And I’m just done. 

In light of some recent posts by Tashabilities/Jukebox Jones, I’d like the opportunity to set the record straight on a few things. Tasha has been suggesting on Facebook and numerous times here on Tumblr that I’ve plagiarized her, abused her, defrauded her and owe her for the success of my career and marriage, which simply isn’t true. I understand that not everyone is going to like me, but I’m not comfortable with the accusations that are being made about me, my brand and my marriage, which is why I feel it’s important to defend myself.

Yes, I did talk to Tasha about my insecurities, feelings of jealousy and career struggles. I also asked for her advice on 2 videos, which I then credited her for. She has never written, produced or edited any of my YouTube content. Yes, I asked Tasha to help me prep for my appearance on Al Jazera. I then mentioned her Twitter on air and thanked her afterwards on Twitter, Facebook and on my blog. Yes, I discussed things I learned from Tasha with my fiancé (now husband). My husband and I had also talked about race numerous times in years prior to my friendship with Tasha. No, I still don’t believe conversations between Tasha and I warranted an invite to my wedding as she has previously suggested. Tasha has also has claimed that I was invited to the Facing Race conference because of her which is untrue. The panel I spoke on at Facing Race was about creating content on a budget and therefore I did not use any information I learned from Tasha nor should she credited with me being invited to participate

I learned a lot from Tasha and regularly encouraged her to join YouTube and/or write an e-book. We even talked briefly about writing something together. I offered advice on how to grow her online brand and monetize her blog. I didn’t do these things because I felt I owed her. I did it because I’m all about supporting other content creators and believe there is room for everyone. While I’m incredibly grateful for the things I learned from her, I don’t believe I should’ve been paying for her friendship as she suggests. I never “betrayed” Tasha for anyone. I stuck up for her a few times and appreciated her doing the same for me, even though at times she crossed the line into threatening others in defense of me.

Our friendship ultimately ended because I was uncomfortable with the way she was publicly slamming our mutual friend Katy and sharing personal information about her online (the same way she’s now doing to me). Of course I can’t include everything, but below are a few links where I mentioned Tasha/Jukebox Jones on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If I was truly trying to “jack her style” and “never gave a fuck” about her why would I speak so highly of her online?

  1. I’m really lucky that my now good friend/mentor, Jukebox Jones aka @WeSeeRace reached out to me and offered to school me after getting ripped apart on Tumblr. (source)

  2. With that being said, here are some of my favorite smart people and smart places on the web to help you along: JukeBox Jones on Facebook (source)

  3. While I can speak in-depth on my experience w racism, i didn’t learn how to talk about my experience or the experience of my people until I “met” jukebox. Talking to her was like having a flashlight handed to me and not realizing i had been sitting in the dark. (source)

  4. * this definition of whiteness comes from JukeBox Jones. Follow her on Facebook for more anti-racism goodness (source)

  5. FYI - If this sorta thing is something that interests you, it’s worth taking a look at JukeBox Jones here on FB. We’ve never met, but I’ve learned so much from her about race and how to speak intelligently about it. After I posted “Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” she took the time out of her day to talk to me on the phone and school me in a few things I needed to learn/hear (source)

  6. Side note, in the broadcast I mentioned some notable people worth following that I’ve learned a lot from: @WeSeeRace  (source)

  7. A huge thank you to @WeSeeRace and @ArianaKSS for helping me prep for today’s @ajstream! (source)

  8. so many #SmartWomenonTwitter but my favs are @Luvvie @janetmock @prisonculture @WeSeeRace @thetrudz @graceishuman @crissles @dreamhampton (source)

  9. video: "Getting Called Out: How To Apologize" @ 2:32 and video description box

  10. video: "Costume Fails" video description box
Despite our friendship ending late last year, I am still incredibly thankful for the things I learned from Tasha and wish her well. With that being said, tashabilities, I respectfully ask that you stop spreading misinformation about me and sharing things I told you in confidence. If there’s anything you’d like to discuss, you can reach me by phone or email. Thank you. 


 Ohhh, honey, lying isn’t cute. 

Franchesca, I see that you deleted this post.


Also, I forgot that you like to argue things I never said, creating a whole village of strawmen to fight with, so I need to take this line by line.

First things first, I never said that you owe me for the success of your marriage.

And I NEVER SAID you owe me for the success of your marriage, because  a white man taking 10 years to marry you—10 years that include you taking care of him when he didn’t have a job I mean, shit or get off the pot, already—is NOT a successful relationship to me, so I would not WANT to take credit for you going through with that.

What I DID say was that you did not talk to him about race before I showed up and TOLD you to do it, and that’s TRUE.

See, I was not supposed to say that publicly, and now you’re embarrassed—as you should be—but hey, white husbands at any cost, right?

Fran, you didn’t talk to him about race because you—like MOST Black American girls involved with white men—did not know HOW to talk to him about race.

We live in a society founded on white supremacy, but are never allowed to talk about it. We’re also educated in white school systems, so we don’t get the proper language to break racism down til we go to college, and sometimes, not until AFTER college.

YOU were on Anderson Cooper saying that the white women who said the things to you that you parodied in SWGSTBG were NOT racist. (2:30)

You actually DID NOT KNOW until I taught you that YES, those white women ARE racist,

So how is it you gon have a REAL conversation with your man about race before you met me in January 2012, if you can’t even recognize when white people are making racist comments toward you?

Since it was a phone conversation, there’s no way I can prove that you said you never talked to your man about race before I showed up, honey, so go ahead and deny it, just don’t put words in my mouth.

For empowering you in your relationship and teaching you how to have a conversation you’d never had before, sure, an invite to the wedding would have been nice. But when you kept talking to me about the wedding, yet hadn’t asked me for my address, I figured an invitation wasn’t coming, and that’s OK.

I’ve always believed that who witnesses the ceremony and dances at the reception is totally the prerogative of the people getting married.

As far as ‘threatening others on (your) behalf’, please explain to me how telling a racist white bitch to stab herself in the face is a ‘threat’?

Cause according to the dictionary, a threat is a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.

If I told her that I personally would stab her in the face, THAT would be a threat.

But if I’m telling her to stab HERSELF in the face, that’s not ME threatening her. 

Anybody reading that who understands what the word ‘threat’ means can see that you’re reaching real high with that definition, there, Franchesca, but hey, you gotta make your strawman and argue things I never said.

If you get THAT basic shit wrong, well, your credibility’s shot to hell, but I know you have to make me out to look batty while protecting the good white folks, I understand, honey.

But before I caught on to you, you used me as your personal attack dog, fully expecting me to respond to idiots on YouTube on your behalf, because when it comes to your race videos made from 2012-2013, YOU didn’t know HOW.

My YouTube screenname is Optometrist, and all one has to do is look at all my comments on your Halloween video (I looked over this script for you, remember?) to understand that you were using my comments to learn how to break racism down on your own.

That’s why you sound JUST like me today.  You’ve been lovin my style by the POUND for two years!

But OOP, you disabled comments on that Halloween video, so those comments are no longer there. How convenient!

When Heben from Buzzfeed created a Scandal drinking game just like the one you did with Luvvie, you fully expected me to call her out on your behalf, yet you knew about Son of Baldwin stalking me for content and never used YOUR platform to say anything on MY behalf.

You would email me the things people would say to you in response to SWGSTBG, comments that you couldn’t quite deconstruct on your own.

You wanted me to look over your responses to these people, to check your work, and I did. I TAUGHT YOU how to respond to these racists and confused Black people.

Would you like me to make screencaps, cause I made them on almost everything else, so making screencaps of all the emails you sent me to check your work and review your scripts is not a problem.

You did suggest that I write an e-book, but I don’t recall you EVER proposing that you and I write something together.

And if I’M the one teaching YOU about race, why I’ma write **with** YOU when I could just write something myself?

Also, I was in New York on business from April 17-20, 2013.

You knew about my visit weeks in advance (I got a receipt on that if you need it), but even though you’ll run behind these white women, and cry to me about Hannah Harto standing you up for your video making plans THREE SEPARATE TIMES, you had no intention of making a video with ME when I was in town.

Nah, I need to stay your little secret, because you see me as competition for my own intellectual property. Can’t let ME get any shine at all, but you’ll run behind these white women for a chance at making a video, so you can get a piece of their YouTube audience.

I TOLD YOU that I’m trying to do some REAL acting here in ATL, so I DID NOT want to show my face on YouTube and be talking real talk on race. 

America is not ready for real talk on race the way I do it as Jukebox Jones,

And I can’t be The Mom on the Tide With Bleach commercial if I piss white folks off by calling out white supremacy on YouTube.

I TOLD you this.

So yes, you told me ‘start a YouTube channel!’ but I still don’t know HOW to go about doing that in the way that I TOLD YOU I needed to do it to protect my interests. And for everything I’ve given you, I fully expected reciprocity in the form of assistance with getting this endeavor started, just out of sisterhood.

But you run behind white women, so silly me for expecting you to understand sisterhood with Black women.

And you DID abuse me in the form of gaslighting me with Katy.

I thought Katy was my friend, so I would tell her when you made me uneasy and I was thinking of cutting you off. I knew something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, and didn’t have anyone else in my life at the time to run things by.

Katy would then hit you up and tell you that I was upset,

Then you would call me not even an hour later and gaslight me, smoothing things over so you could remain tied to me, and keep me as a source.

I remember listening to your episode of The Read, when you told Kid Fury and Crissle that THEY changed your life.

I was taken aback by that, because again, THEY were not the ones who saw you looking confused on Anderson Cooper, and their show is more entertainment than race, anyway!

So before I figured out Katy was The Mole, I went to Katy with this, and then she, in turn, went back and told YOU that I was upset at your comments on The Read, so you called me smoothing things over.

This happened on at least three different occasions, Franchesca, but both you and Katy will lie and say that wasn’t going on.

Another time that REALLY stands out to me was you telling me on facebook that you were going to ‘go forth and spread this message with intelligence’.


Like I’M not “intelligent” and I can’t spread my OWN message?

But I told Katy your comment bothered me, Katy told you, and you deleted that comment before I could screencap it.

You, Katy, Ciku and Africa ALL got together to gaslight me, but you were ALL building your personas off ME and MY voice.

The thing that hurt the most, though, was when you made Katy Escobar, a white woman, equal to me. 

KATY was not the one who changed your life, but she WAS the one who kept me from cutting you loose by going back and telling you everything I said about how you made me uneasy.

You sat in my community for almost TWO years before I finally blocked you in November of 2013.

You’re in Queens and I’m in Atlanta, so I can’t produce any videos, but in addition to calling me and having me coach you before your Al Jazeera appearance (during which every word that came out of your mouth came from ME on the phone the day before),

You did indeed ask me to look over at least three of your scripts. The emails are in my inbox right now, Fran. Let me know if you need screenshots, because I can provide them.

When you were upset at the Hudson Brothers getting more shine than you at the Ebony photoshoot, WHO was your insecure ass texting? Me.

When you were in the offices of Oxygen negotiating your own show, WHO were you texting? Me.

You flat out told me that before I got to you and taught you what you know now, what you’re profiting from now with ZERO revenue for me, you would have accepted the show they offered you, and we would’ve had to deal with more stereotypical depictions of Black people on TV, but what I taught you made you stand up to the suits at Oxygen and prevent that.

You said that yourself to me over the phone.

Acknowledging how much of my work comes out of your mouth today does not mean I want credit for your 5 years of corny YouTube videos before you met me.  

I NEVER watched ANY of your content before SWGSTBG, nor had anything to do with your scripts before January 2012, and I do acknowledge that any show offers you got, you got based on the body of work you amassed before you met me.

I repeat: NOTHING you put together before January 2012 had ANY input from me.

I don’t want credit for it at all and have NEVER even TRIED to TAKE credit for it.

But this new voice of yours with the ‘have all the seats’ and the whole cancer sketch came DIRECTLY from my community.


The problem with Black girls who grow up with white people is that you’re white acculturated.

You’re Black, but you still see yourself as separate from Black women, as BETTER THAN us.

It’s not really your fault, because that’s what the white people you so desperately want community with have told you your whole life—that you are exceptional and not like the rest of us negroes.

So I saw you, and came to you in sisterhood, to help you,

But being white acculturated, you didn’t understand that, and you treated me exactly like white feminists treat Black women who do this work online all day, every day—as sources from which they can repeatedly pull and profit.

I just don’t understand how you can love so much of what I have to say in my community and on YouTube fighting your trolls and in your gmail inbox,

But you can sit here and deny that you sound like me and that I should get something for that,

When you’ve been eating my words for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two years.

So you have no problem using my work to build your voice and platform, and you have no problem giving nothing back, cause hey, it’s your duty as the Acceptable Negress to go forth and spread my message with intelligence and make money off it, right?

NONE of your speaking so highly of me results in any MONEY for me, Fran.

You’re making revenue off YouTube videos where you sound exactly like me, including YouTube videos that EYE reviewed the scripts for.

And we were NEVER friends.

Matterfact, you do social media for a LIVING, yet you wanted me to believe that you just didn’t know that you’d never sent me a friend request.

I use SocialSafe, so I have ALL this backed up.

We weren’t actual facebook friends until May 22 of 2013, but I had been advising you and helping you since January 2012. You were content to sit off on the sidelines and be a follower of mine, content to have me smack down dummies who descended upon your community, but never officially have me as a friend so that people couldn’t figure out where you were getting this stuff from.

I repeat: Your ‘crediting’ me and ‘speaking so highly of me’ and sending people to my facebook page has never resulted in any MONEY or TV appearances for me, Franchesca.

But I guess this is all my fault for thinking a Black woman who Knows How It Is would look out for me the same way I looked out for her.

Helping you was the stupidest thing I’ve EVER done.

Everything I said here was in direct response to that bullshit you posted, girl, but I see you done deleted this post—thank g-d for the reblog.

I got receipts for days.

And don’t ever call me again.

I’ve been saying she wasn’t shit for Y E A R S. I’m glad that the bubble has popped and all her horrible character qualities have come to the surface.


i love my mom she’s one of my problematic favs